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Some Animated Villains + MOTIVATIONS

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Also, I know some of these villains have more than one motive, but I chose only one of them for each. And it’s pretty much my favourites, so I apologize if you don’t find yours on this list.

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LOOKS LIKE MEAT’S BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS" bellows the Orc to his Orc friends. Orcs know what menus are. Orcs know what restaurants are. are there bistros in Mordor? these are the questions i need answering

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler attend ELLE’s 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

"She is my Han Solo. I am her Chewbacca"

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if your boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.

if your boyfriend is your only friend, you’re doing it wrong.


if ur partner has cut you off from other social outlets then your partner is being abusive and you have done nothing wrong. it is entirely the responsibility of ur abusive partner to face the consequences of their actions. 

stop victim blaming 2014

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"Her and Lost In Translation are connected to each other. They’re very much on the same wavelength. They explore a lot of the same ideas. This all makes sense since Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola were married from 1999 to 2003 and had been together for many years before that. Sofia Coppola had already made her big personal statement in regards to love and marriage right when the couple was on the verge of divorce; Her would be Spike Jonze’s answer to those feelings. What makes it even more poignant is that Her never feels resentful or petty. It feels more like a legitimate apology. It’s an acknowledgement that, in the end, some people aren’t meant to be with each other in the long run. Some people do grow apart. Lost in Translation is about a couple on the verge of growing apart, Her is about finally letting go of the person you’ve grown apart with and moving on.”

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Game of Thrones s5 

I have so many questions and my first is WHAT THE FUCK

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A helpful guide

I can’t reblog this fast enough

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