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You know, she’s been really damaged. I think that [Natasha] very early on in the past probably learned to not care too much about people because they could be easily taken away from her and used against her. And she probably didn’t want to hurt the people that she loved the most. So she never needs them or never invested too much in them, knowing that it would probably put them in danger.

But I think she hopes that for someone like Cap, I think she sees someone who could have his life enriched by sharing it with somebody. She sees someone that kind of yearns for that, but, you know, is also scarred by the series of events that have changed his life. Maybe she kind of sees in Steve [Rogers] a little bit of herself and wants something more for him.
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tomasinos asked: Margaery Tyrell or Brienne of Tarth?

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 witches on chocolate frog cardspart two

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when an episode of game of thrones doesn’t have any unnecessary sex scenes and/or nudity:


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Her smile was shy and sweet. A lovely girl, thought Tyrion, and a kinder fate than my nephew deserves.

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TIME Magazine, March 18, 2013

Betty Ross is on the cover of TIME despite refusing to do a photoshoot. Apparently they just couldn’t pass up the chance to have The Hulk’s former significant other all over the newsstands.

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Whatever happens now, whatever my fate, know that I face it like a god.

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if everybody got a free miniature animal at birth that protected you, like a tiny elephant or dragon, the world would be a better place.

write a book

You could call it The Golden Compass

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"I want to always be able to do things that I’m passionate about. I always want to be proud of my work. I always want to be a truthful person.”

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